Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mount Rainier National Park

We've gotten way behind with our blogging efforts but wanted to share with you a few photos of our time spent in Mount Rainier National Park (late August). Suggestions from a back country ranger assisted us in planning an impromptu two-day backpacking trip through the Southwest corner of the park. Sweeping vista views of Mount Rainier followed us during our hike and a lovely turquoise blue lake greeted us as we reached our destination on night one. Zach woke up early the next morning and hiked to a fire tower in the area (see photo). We reached our campsite early on day two and passed the time reading books. We hiked out on day three and stopped to stroll around the main visitor center where the wildflowers were EVERYWHERE! If you are looking to visit Mount Rainier National Park go in late August, it was absolutely beautiful.

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