Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hola from Nicaragua!

Hello friends! Here we are in Nicaragua. It's been wonderful so far. We live with a family of eight at our homestay - Yohanna and Emilia who are our host moms, and their four children, Birmania (17), Erling (11) , Diego (20 months) and Manuel (20 months). Two of Emilia and Yohanna's brothers also live at the house. Below is a photo of Diego. He is adorable.
Our morning starts with a 40 minute walk from our house to la finca (the farm) where we weed, water, harvest, rake, etc. The farm is all organic and produces beets, arugula, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and different types of fruit, and a lot of other vegetables that we cannot figure out... Daniel is the farm manager and we are lucky he is so patient with us as we attempt to speak Spanish with him. He doesn't know any English and we know very minimal Spanish so it makes for an interesting dynamic. After our farm work is complete Daniel climbs up one of the orange trees on the property and uses his machete to drop a delicious, fresh orange. He then quickly peels it and we suck down the delicious, fresh juice.

After la finca we head to La Mariposa where we have lunch, and then two hours of grammar class followed by two hours of conversation class. Spanish immersion is HARD and at the end of each day our brains feel like they are filled to he brim, but it feels good to be learning so much. Here are some photos of the La Mariposa grounds. This is a Spanish school and eco hotel. They also take in animals that are in need so currently there are 11 dogs, 5 cats, lots of chickens, a few turkeys, monkeys, tucans... there is never a dull moment here!

Well, that is it for now, we'll be back soon with more photos and stories!

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