Monday, July 16, 2012

Orange County Beaches

We started up Hummingbird and headed North towards Orange County. Our conversations on the way were filled with what ifs... were we going to see celebrities strolling down the boardwalks? Or maybe just a lot of pretty women with nice boobs and fancy cars? The suspense was killing us! The first town we came across in Orange County was Laguna Beach. We were pleasantly surprised at what we found, an adorable town with a maze of roads winding through neighborhoods filled with modest houses. Each home had it's own flair and accent pieces of architecture. We had a great time strolling through the neighborhoods looking at the unique qualities of each residence. A white sandy beach ran the length of town where you could see smiling faces everywhere, and of course, beautiful women left and right.

Laguna Beach is truly an artists haven where bold colors, architecture, the ocean, and positive energy will inspire those wanting to create. Artists studios are dotted on every corner and we were lucky enough to be in town while the prestigious Festival of the Arts was taking place. We saw some amazing art from paintings to woodwork and jewelery pieces.

After two days and nights in Laguna Beach we headed towards Newport Beach - just up the road but with a completely different vibe. Newport Beach was what we thought Laguna Beach was going to be: rich and luxorious (which Laguna Beach was) but Newport Beach lacked character. Million dollar houses that all started to look the same lined the bay with million dollar boats in their backyard. We were nearly t-boned on the way to the beach and took that as an omen that we should keep driving.

Huntington beach was our next stop and is known as Surf Town America. We didn't see any great surfing but the beach extended for miles on end.

Our last stop was Seal Beach which didn't have an impressive beach but the town did have a six block strip of shops and restaurants where we found some delicious sushi for lunch. Oddly enough we counted at least five Irish pubs in this little area.

As we left Orange County we couldn't help being a little upset we didn't see Heidi or Spencer but we had a great time anyway.

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