Friday, June 13, 2014

Maui - The Beginning

Our one month anniversary here just past and locals say that we've hit our first milestone. Next comes three months, then one year, and if we make it through these anniversaries then the island is apparently our oyster. Maui is a special, majestic place. This feeling of it being a special place comes up randomly, but enough times where you understand that there is a unique energy here. Maybe it's the clean ocean air or the waking up with the sun and watching the sun set, but whatever it is there's something about it.

Sunrise on our first morning on the island.

Our first few weeks were spent up in Haiku, a cute little hippie town where foliage grows like crazy due to high volumes of rain. The house was full of eclectic people and decor and we enjoyed getting to know an interesting group of people.

Ho'okipa lookout near our rental house in Haiku.

We found a cute little cottage to rent in the town of Kihei. It gets tons of natural light, has a huge lanai (deck), and lots of birds and cool foliage so we're in love. We even have our own coconut tree!

Zach's job has been going good, he's getting the warehouse in order - making sure everything is up to code plus a million other things that go into starting a new company. Nothing gets done too fast around here so I think he'll be glad when he doesn't have to be working with contractors anymore. This is the current state of his "office." Pretty fancy, eh?

We've been exploring different beaches and catching sunsets, grilling on our lanai, taking out our new (to us) tandem kayak, snorkeling in nearby reefs, getting our house furnished and decorated, and meeting new people here on the island. Life is good.

We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary watching the sunset in a tucked away cove we found at big beach. Zach and I have traveled to and explored a lot places in the short time we've been married and are excited to continue on this adventure in our beautiful new home here in Maui.

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