Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

Hummingbird started right up and we headed North towards Oregon. After doing pretty extensive research on the happenings and places to be in California we decided to head into Oregon with a more "we'll just wing it" attitude. Not to mention we didn't have an Oregon Coast guidebook like we did in California. We were pleasantly surprised at the beauty and transition of pace provided as we entered the Beaver State... weird nickname for a state, I know.

Our first stop was Brookings, Oregon where we stayed in a locally owned motel close to the beachfront. We received a tip that Harris State Beach was a place not to miss so we headed down to the water. The tide was low and we got giddy with excitement as we began to find starfish, purple sea urchins, rockweed, giant green anemones, and various other forms of sealife in the tidepools.

After getting our fill of tidepooling we hiked part of the original Oregon Trail. As we walked along taking in the beautiful coastline complete with jagged rocks, driftwood, and a fog that seemed to wrap around us like a warm blanket, I couldn't stop thinking about the Oregon Trail computer game I adored as a kid. Was Zach going to get a snakebite on the trail and was a Native American going pop out of the woods and save the day? Would I get typhoid and then receive a really strange tombstone graphic? Ahh, the good old days. We quickly realized that blackberries thrive in the climate that Oregon offers and were happy to find a healthy trail side snack as we made our way back to the car.

We left Brookings and went just up the road to a campground that was right on a river. The next two days were spent lounging at the campsite, swimming in the river, and taking hikes that were within the area. And then, a yurt opened up! There is something about sleeping in a circular home that is just so fun!

Feeling relaxed, we headed to Cape Perpetua which we'd heard was arguably the most beautiful stretch of the Oregon coastline. We quickly found a campsite and headed to the coast which was right across the street. The winds were roaring - mother nature had something to say that day. We scrambled up and down volcanic rock while battling winds, sand blasts, and sea spray. Our lips were salty and my hair was a tangled mess but Zach had a smile ear-to-ear so I braved the stormy weather and stood by my man.

We continued on and decided to stop in Seaside, which had a hostel we could stay at. Although the city didn't have much of a nightlife, we enjoyed searching for sand dollars, trying out chi gong meditation with the owner of the hostel, finding the Goonies house, exploring an old shipwreck on the beach, using kayaks on a random river, and taking in the beautiful shoreline the area had to offer.

We headed towards Astoria, a quaint little town right on the border of Oregon and Washington. The town reminded me of Duluth and we found the BEST fish and chips place we've ever been to. You know when you're at a place where the locals are you're good to go. Who knew breaded and fried albacore tuna could be so tasty?

Next stop, Portland!

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