Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sausalito and San Francisco

On our way to San Francisco from Yosemite we spent a night in a beautiful Victorian hostel in downtown Sacramento.

For a state that has so many cities with unique character one would assume that Califonia's capital would have something to offer but if it did we did not find it. We did however manage to get our bikes stolen in the short time we were there - a heinous crime against humanity. We left the crime ridden streets of Sacramento and headed for the city by the bay.

For the second on time this trip we stayed in a converted army barracks, this time in Sausalito. An open artist studio was happening in one of the converted army barrack buildings just down from the hostel so we checked that out for a bit.

Afterwards we were driving aimlessly around the area near the hostel known as the Marin Headlands when we saw the most amazing sight. As we made our way up a windy narrow road the fog briefly parted and we caught an unexpected glimpse of the golden gate bridge. It was a fascinating view we will not soon forget.

Thanks to my dad's obsession with credit card miles we stayed at Hotel Kabuki, a swanky Japanese themed hotel just outside of downtown San Francisco. We spent two days exploring the city and culture. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities and we highly recommend a visit if you haven't been there.

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  1. a worthwhile obsession anyway with benefits! neat pictures - looks like the city is a mirage.