Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Cabin

Zach and I stayed a night with Uncle Bob & Aunt Lynn at their rustic cabin located near Flagstaff, Arizona. The property is located on 12 acres and has a plethora of Puebloan history strewn across the land. Bob opened my eyes to finding things like obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass that Pueblo Indians used to make weapons. We also came across pieces of old pottery on the property. I felt like I was hunting for treasure, it was so neat!

Bob and Lynn are building an additional cabin on the property and as Zach and Bob worked feverishly to put the pitch on the roof, Lynn guided me to an old medicine circle that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from their cabin. It was surreal to be in the presence of something so old and important to those who were here before us.

It's not often you find two people that are as passionate about travel as Bob and Lynn.Their stories and experiences during times of travel are an inspiration to us.


  1. The real deal - cabin in the woods. Now we know where to go for experienced help in building ours! And I agree - artifacts are always fun to hunt for and find.

  2. Totally jealous. If you really want to stick it to me find some awesome fossils!!!